Krasnoyarsk is one of the largest cities in Siberia. Modern life and ancient inheritance are closely connected here. They are represented by numerous architectural and historical monuments. There are a lot of museums, theatres, galleries, beautiful parks and other sightseeing places here.   

 Our excursion programs will let you get acquainted with the history of Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region!


A sightseeing tour in Krasnoyarsk

Duration2, 3, 5 hours

Three hundred years ago Krasnoyarsk was a stockade town, trenched and walled with five towers. Due to its strategic location – just at the centre of Taiga forests, in the intersection of railroad and river arteries – Krasnoyarsk became a large-scale centre of Siberia. Krasnoyarsk habitants are proud of the main resources, such as Sayan Mountain ridges, the great river Enisey and “Karaulnaya” mountain with its famous chapel.

During the excursion you’ll learn about the most interesting events in the history of Krasnoyarsk and famous people’ lives and visit the most beautiful sights.


National park «Stolby»

Duration4-5 hours

Reservation “Stolby” is the main proud of Krasnoyarsk habitants. According to the All-Russian poll, this tremendous place became the “Eighth wonder of the world”. The rocks are so different and unusual that you will not be able to forget them.

During the excursion you will have a chance to walk and admire the spectacular views created by nature and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Thanks to the reservation “Stolbi” rock climbing became an integral part of many people’s lives — during the excursion you will also get information about the history of climbing in Krasnoyarsk region, the main codes and rules.


Krasnoyarsk hydropower station, Divnogorsk

Duration — 3 hours

Divnogorsk is the unique town, existing in a harmony with nature. It surrounded with Taiga forest, which grow just in the city. Anybody will be impressed with rocks covered with pines and powerful Enisey river.

Besides Divnogorsk you will see the Krasnoyarsk Hydropower station, embodying the strength of the of the Enisey – the river which